There’s no doubt about it, choosing the right photo to print onto canvas is no easy task! Once you’ve chosen the image(s) you want, the biggest choice you’ll need to make is between having it printed in glorious technicolor or whether to go for a more understated black and white style — take a look at our full range of printing options. While the photo itself may dictate this to a certain degree, the interior design of your home will also have a massive bearing on what will work and what will look out of place.

Color for warmth

Modern Abstract Canvas Painting Wall Art Poster Hand Painted Flowers Prints on Canvas For Living Room Home Decoration
Beach Landscape Decor Yellow Bus and Surfboard California Coastal Wall Art Paintings for Living Room Nordic Home Decoration

Black and white for the busy home

Abstract Building Church Nordic Wall Pictures Living Room Art Decoration Pictures Scandinavian Canvas Painting Prints No Frame
Art Canvas Painting tree sunset Wall Art Pictures art prints on canvas Wall poster painting home decoration for living room

Of course this is only a rough guide: you know your house, where you want your canvas print to live and what kind of overall effect you want to achieve. Do bear in mind that there is also a third option too — you can always have a largely black and white photo, with some color accents to highlight certain features or elements of the picture. This could be the ideal compromise if you find black and white too flat, but don’t want something too colorful. If you have trouble visualising what your image would look like in black and white or even sepia for that matter.

Have you chosen any canvas painting suitable for your house yet? Please refer to some more pictures on our website!